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Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipients

Branch of Service Name Grave
U.S. Army Baker, John F. 34-687
U.S. Navy Caron, Wayne Maurice 51-2600
U.S. Army Cavaiani, Jon R. 60-10590
U.S. Marine Corps Cook, Donald Gilbert MI-110
U.S. Army Crescenz, Michael Joseph 59-3226
U.S. Air Force Dethlefsen, Merlyn Hans 65-1626
U.S. Army Doane, Stephen Holden 59-1617
U.S. Army Dolby, David 59-498
U.S. Marine Corps Fox, Wesley Lee 55-1125
U.S. Marine Corps Graham, James Albert 13-8576-F
U.S. Army Grant, Joseph Xavier 30-1648-2
U.S. Army Hagen, Loren Douglas 28-1204
U.S. Army Hooper, Joe Ronnie 46-656-17
U.S. Army Howard, Robert L. 7A-138
U.S. Air Force Jackson, Joe Madison 35-465-A
U.S. Army Jennings, Delbert Owen 7A-157
U.S. Army Joel, Lawrence 46-15-1
U.S. Army Johnson, Dwight Hall 31-471
U.S. Army Keller, Leonard Burt 60-9197
U.S. Air Force Levitow, John Lee 66-7107
U.S. Navy McGonagle, William Loren 34-208
U.S. Army Novosel, Michael J. 7A-178-C
U.S. Army Port, William David 7-8120-B
U.S. Army Rabel, Laszlo 52-1326
U.S. Army Rogers, Charles Calvin 7A-99
U.S. Marine Corps Smedley, Larry Eugene 31-6486
U.S. Army Swanson, Jon Edward 30-7755
U.S. Air Force Thorsness, Leo Keith 60-11721
U.S. Army Versace, Humbert Roque MG-108
U.S. Army Watters, Charles Joseph 2-E-186-A
U.S. Army Williams, Charles Quincy 65-1471
U.S. Air Force Young, Gerald Orren 7A-87

Vietnam War Unknown