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Spanish-American War Medal of Honor Recipients

Branch of Service Name Grave
U.S. Army Bell, Dennis 31-349
U.S. Navy Blume, Robert 6-9752-SS
U.S. Navy Carter, Joseph Edward 34-2631-1
U.S. Navy Charrette, George 7-10222
U.S. Army Church, James Robb 3-1409-A-SS
U.S. Navy Davis, John 11-639-SS
U.S. Navy Eglit, John MI-306-A
U.S. Army Hardaway, Benjamin Franlkin 2-1044-1
U.S. Navy Hobson, Richard Pearson 6-5014
U.S. Navy Jardine, Alexander 12-4280
U.S. Navy Johanson, John Peter 6-9768
U.S. Navy Johansson, Johan J. 13-720
U.S. Navy Keefer, Philip Bogan 11-527-SH
U.S. Navy Miller, Willard D. 46-15
U.S. Navy Muller, Frederick 8-6035
U.S. Army Roberts, Charles Duval 2-3671
U.S. Navy Russell, Henry Peter 31-6377
U.S. Army Sundquist, Gustav Adolph MK-192
U.S. Army Wanton, George Henry 4-2749