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Philippine Insurrection Medal of Honor Recipients

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Recipient Marker
Batson, Matthew Arlington 2-3604-WS
Bell, James Franklin 3-1735-A
Birkhimer, William Edward 7-1-339-340
Byrne, Bernard Albert 1-707
Cecil, Joseph Samuel 6-5718
Condon, Clarence Melville 2-3834
Ferguson, Arthur Medworth 3-4016
Forsterer, Bruno Albert 53-2757
Greer, Allen James 1-701-B
Henderson, Joseph 20-50042
Hulbert, Henry Lewis 3-4309
Johnston, Gordon 7-10092
Kennedy, John Thomas 7-10076
Kilbourne, Charles Evans Jr. 3-1705
Maclay, William Palmer 7-9008-F-ES
McConnell, James B. 7-8317
McGrath, Hugh Jocelyn 1-315
Miller, Archie 1-300-A
Porter, David Dixon 2-3479
Quinn, Peter H. 6-9749-SH
Sage, William Hampden 2-913
Shaw, George Clymer 3-4247
Stewart, George Evans 2-3408-A
Thordson, William George 1-69-W