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Interim 1871-1898 Medal of Honor Recipients

Click the headstone image or the recipient's name to learn more about that individual.

Recipient Marker
Harrington, David 17-23162-D
Johnson, William 23-16648-32
Osborne, John 17-19689

Interim 1901-1911 Medal of Honor Recipients

Recipient Marker
Breeman, George 6-9743-SH
Cahey, Thomas 6-8667
Lipscomb, Harry 3-2481
Nordstrom, Isador A. 7-8273
Peters, Alexander 8-5300-A
Shacklette, William Sidney 10-10688-ES
Shanahan, Patrick 7-10295
Snyder, William Ellsworth 10-10636
Stokes, John S. 17-20184
Westa, Karl 11-83-SH
Wheeler, George Huber 7-10040

Interim 1915-16 Medal of Honor Recipients

Recipient Marker
Cary, Robert Webster Jr. 6-5695-G
Crilley, Frank William 8-6430
Jones, Claude Ashton 11-546

Interim 1920-1940 Medal of Honor Recipients

Recipient Marker
Bennett, Floyd 3-1852-B
Byrd, Richard Evelyn Jr. 2-4969-1
Crandall, Orson Leon 48-2004
Drexler, Henry Clay 4-3051
Edwards, Walter Atlee 4-3183
Greely, Adolphus Washington 1-129
Ryan, Thomas John Jr. 34-80-A-1