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ANC remains open only to family pass holders during the Memorial Day weekend. You must be in possession of a both a face covering and a valid family pass to enter. Access is for gravesite visitation only, no touring.

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World War II Medal of Honor Recipients

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Branch of Service Name Grave
U.S. Navy Antrim, Richard 35-2613
U.S. Army Baker, Vernon 59-4408
U.S. Marine Corps Basilone, John 12-384
U.S. Army Bell, Bernard P. 25-3840
U.S. Marine Corps Boyington, Gregory 'Pappy' 7A-150
U.S. Army Brown, Bobbie E. 46-1021-17
U.S. Navy Bulkeley, John Duncan 5-129-9-RH-LH
U.S. Army Carter, Edward A., Jr. 59-451
U.S. Marine Corps Chambers, Justice M. 6-5813-A-9
U.S. Army Davis, Charles W. 7A-170
U.S. Army Air Corps Doolittle, James H. 7A-110
U.S. Marine Corps Edson, Merritt A. 2-4960-2
U.S. Marine Corps Elrod, Henry T. 12-3246
U.S. Army Everhart, Forrest E. 60-7516
U.S. Army Fisher, Almond E. 6-8951-2
U.S. Marine Corps Foss, Joseph J. 7A-162
U.S. Army Funk, Leonard A., Jr. 35-2373-4
U.S. Navy Fuqua, Samuel G. 59-485
U.S. Army Gerstung, Robert E. 66-6152
U.S. Air Force Howard, James Howell. 34-2571
U.S. Marine Corps Jacobson, Douglas T. 5-H-17-3
U.S. Army Kelly, Thomas J. 7A-125
U.S. Army Air Corps Kingsley, David R. 34-4786
U.S. Marine Corps Leims, John 2-1132-2
U.S. Navy McCampbell, David 60-3150
U.S. Marine Corps McCarthy, Joseph J. 30-1716
U.S. Army Air Corps McGuire, Thomas B., Jr. 11-426
U.S. Army Meager, John W. 59-351
U.S. Army Air Corps Morgan, John Cary 59-351
U.S. Army Murphy, Audie Leon 46-366-11
U.S. Navy O'Kane, Richard H. 59-874
U.S. Navy Pharris, Jackson C. 13-16281
U.S. Navy Preston, Arthur M. 3-1847-A-1
U.S. Navy Ramage, Lawson Patterson 7A-184
U.S. Army Roeder, Robert E. 12-6116
U.S. Navy Schonland, Herbert E. 7A-168
U.S. Navy Scott, Robert R. 34-3939
U.S. Marine Corps Shoup, David M. 7A-189
U.S. Army Silk, Edward A. 30-1045-C
U.S. Marine Corps Sigler, Franklin E. 12-2799
U.S. Marine Corps Skaggs, Luther, Jr. 46-1066-8
U.S. Marine Corps Smith, John L. 3-2503-H-2
U.S. Army Smith, Maynard 66-7375
U.S. Army Turner, George B. 41-589
U.S. Army Urban, Matt 7A-40
U.S. Marine Corps Vandegrift, Alexander A. 2-4965-B-RH
U.S. Army Air Corps Vosler, Forrest 60-4924
U.S. Army Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew 1-358-B
U.S. Marine Corps Walsh, William G. 12-487
U.S. Army Ware, Keith L. 30-258-3
U.S. Army Whittington, Hulon B. 13-8-W
U.S. Army Wigle, Thomas W. 34-3307
U.S. Army Air Forces Zeamer, Jay 34-809-4