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ANC remains open only to family pass holders during the Memorial Day weekend. You must be in possession of a both a face covering and a valid family pass to enter. Access is for gravesite visitation only, no touring.

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Korean War Medal of Honor Recipients

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Branch of Service Name Grave
U.S. Army Baldonado, Joe MH-644
U.S. Marine Corps Barber, William Earl 66-6904
U.S. Army Burke, Lloyd Leslie 7A-155
U.S. Army Charlton, Cornelius 40-300
U.S. Army Collier, John Walton 12-4637
U.S. Army Faith, Don Carlos Jr. 4-3016-RH
U.S. Navy Hammond, Francis Colton 33-9011
U.S. Army Harvey, Raymond G. 6-8360-B-LH
U.S. Navy Hudner, Thomas Jerome Jr. 54-2135
U.S. Marine Corps Johnson, James Edmund MH-451
U.S. Navy Koelsch, John Kelvin 30-1123-RH
U.S. Army Libby, George Dalton 34-1317
U.S. Air Force Loring, Charles Joseph Jr. MK-89
U.S. Marine Corps Mausert, Frederick W. III 12-5559
U.S. Army McGovern, Robert Milton 3-1312-BC
U.S. Marine Corps Monegan, Walter Carleton 34-4513
U.S. Marine Corps Myers, Reginald Rodney 60-884
U.S. Army Page, John Upshur Dennis 4-2743-B
U.S. Army Porter, Donn F. 33-4357
U.S. Marine Corps Reem, Robert Dale 6-9376-B
U.S. Marine Corps Sitter, Carl Leonard 7A-57-A
U.S. Marine Corps Skinner, Sherrod Emerson Jr. 3-2032
U.S. Army Svehla, Henry MG-27
U.S. Army Turner, Charles William 12-7762
U.S. Army Vera, Miguel 71-258
U.S. Air Force Walmsley, Jr. John Springer MF-46-3
U.S. Marine Corps Windrich, William Gordon 31-4856

Korean War Unknown