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Indian Wars Medal of Honor Recipients

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Recipient Marker
Albee, George Emerson 2-850
Baldwin, Frank Dwight 3-1894
Barnes, Will Croft 6-9754
Bradbury, Sanford 3-2162
Brett, Lloyd Milton 6-8367
Burnett, George Ritter 3-2193-WS
Calvert, James Spencer 3-2490
Carter, Robert Goldwaite 1-106-A
Carter, William Harding 1-443
Cheever, Benjamin Harrison Jr. 1-421
Cruse, Thomas 3-1763
Dodge, Francis Safford 3-1874
Donahue, John L. 13-14045
Garlington, Ernest Albert 3-1735-B
Godfrey, Edward Settle 3-4175
Hall, William Preble 1-653
Hawthorne, Harry Leroy 3-1952-WS
Heyl, Charles Pettit Heath 1-135-B-WH
Humphrey, Charles F. 4-3113
Johnson, Henry 23-16547
Kerr, John Brown 3-1950
Maus, Marion Perry 3-3886-B

Isaiah Mays

  • Branch: U.S. Army
  • Rank: Corporal
  • Date of Birth: February 16, 1858
  • Date of Death: May 2, 1925
  • Date of Action: May 11, 1889
  • Gravesite: 1-630-B
isaiah mays grave marker
McBryar, William 4-2738
McClernand, Edward John 3-1931
Morgan, George Horace 3-2053
Myers, Frederick William 13-14034
Roach, Hampton Mitchell 3-2393-WS
Romeyn, Henry 3-1750
Schou, Julius Alexis 17-21482
Shaw, Thomas 27-952-B
Skinner, John Oscar 3-1662
Tilton, Henry Remsen 1-392
West, Frank 1-549
Wood, Leonard 21-S-10
Woodall, Zachary T. 22-15788