Music and Literature


Marguerite Higgins - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, only woman correspondent to cover the Korean War (2/4705) S 31.

William F. Knox - Published Chicago Daily News and other newspapers, secretary of Navy 1940-44 (2/2961).

Mary Roberts Rinehart - America's first female war correspondent during World War II for the Saturday Evening Post, wrote numerous mystery novels (3/4269).

William J. Bryan - Editor of the Omaha World-Herald, secretary of state, orator, prosecutor in Scopes Monkey Trial against Clarence Darrow (4/3121).

Frank Reynolds - ABC News anchorman (7A/180).

Peter Lisagor - Bureau chief of the Chicago Daily News, newsman, TV commentator 1950-70 (2/4968).

Edward S. Hickey - Foreign war correspondent, deputy chief of Voice of America 1956-78 (4/2711).

Joseph M. Patterson - Founder of the New York Daily News in 1919, one of America's more successful tabloids (6/5681).

Julius Ochs Adler - Publisher New York Times (2/2957) W32 1/2.

Carol H. Arndt - Women's editor Army Times 1973 (Columbarium).

Lou Van Wagoner - Vice president of Thrifty News Bureau 1960-70 (65/174).

Merriman Smith - UPI White House Correspondent. Broke the story of Kennedy's assassination. One of only four reporters to see JFK after the shooting. Aboard the plane when Johnson was sworn in. (32/823).

Daniel F. Gilmore - UPI reporter for more than four decades, covering Vietnam. World War II POW. (60/7654).

Edward Bomar - Well-known AP reporter.

1st Lt. Putnam Welles Hangen - U.S. Army (columbarium, court 3, # W-13-4). Welles Hangen was an NBC reporter in Cambodia. He and his crew were killed by the Khmer Rouge and Viet Cong in Cambodia in May or June 1970. Hangen's remains were discovered in 1992 by an U.S. Army excavation team. Hangen's funeral was conducted Jan. 29, 1993.


Mary Roberts Rinehart - Wrote many mystery novels, including The Circular Staircase and The Bat, was referred to as 'America's Mistress of Mystery' in 1921, war correspondent and poet (3/4269).

Samuel Dashiell Hammett - Wrote numerous detective novels, including The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man in 1930s, served in World Wars I and II, jailed during McCarthy era as communist threat (12/508).

Kenneth E. Shiflet - Wrote The Valiant Strain which was made into a movie by MGM, served in World War II and Vietnam (10/10991).

Charles F. Blair - Wrote Red Ball In The Sky, pilot with the first squadron of jets to fly over North Pole, married to Maureen O'Hara (2/4966).

Non-Fiction Authors

Elbridge Colby - Wrote many books on military history, head of George Washington University Journalism Department 1948-58 (59/578).

Rear Adm. D.V. Gallery - Wrote eight books on Navy life 1940-60s (4/61-3).

John Vincent Hinkel - Wrote two editions of Arlington: Monument to Heroes (7A/153).

Juanita Hipps - Wrote I Serve on Bataan, best seller in 1943 and basis for movie 'So Proudly We Hail,' World War II Army Nurse (21/769).

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. - Wrote The Common Law in 1881 - considered then and today as a classic in legal thought, Supreme Court Justice 1902-31, son of famous poet (5/7004).

Robert G. Ingersoll - Wrote numerous articles in defense of equal rights for women and blacks in late 1800s, was openly agnostic (3/1620).

Helen W. Langley - Editor of National Basic Intelligence Factbook published for and by the CIA (59/2598).

Katherine Marshall - Wrote Together, an autobiography about her life with Gen. George C. Marshall (7/8198).

Col. James A. Moss - Wrote Officer's Manual, and Origin and Significance of Military Customs (1/1266).

Virgil Ney - Wrote numerous books on Military History (34/859).

Brig. Gen. Henry M. Robert - Wrote Robert's Rules of Order on Parliamentary Procedure (3/3945).

Kenneth Lewis Roberts - Wrote Northwest Passage (2/3426).

Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor - Ambassador to Vietnam, four-star general who wrote several books including The Uncertain Trumpet (7A/20).

Harvey Wiley - Author and instigator of Pure Foods Laws (13/5959).


Ludwig Bemelmans - Author and illustrator, best known author of the 'Madeline' children's books (43/2618)

Brig. Gen. Stephan Vincent Benet - Grandfather of famous poet (1/154).

John C. O'Laighlin - 1949 Publisher (3/4512-A).

James Tanner - Union soldier, stenographer at Lincoln's deathbed (2/877).