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Saturday, Mar 23 2019

Please report to origin forty-five minutes to 1/2 hour prior to start time.

SHERRI KENYON, US MARINE CORPSAdministration Building9:00 AM
JUDITH O WILLIAMSON, US AIR FORCEAdministration Building9:00 AM
MARTHA LUNDGREN, US AIR FORCEAdministration Building10:00 AM
CATHERINE C FAULK, US ARMYAdministration Building10:00 AM
MARY W MINOR, US NAVYAdministration Building11:00 AM
GRAYCE B FERRIS, US AIR FORCEAdministration Building1:00 PM
JEAN M SALAN, US ARMYAdministration Building1:00 PM
EDITH BRANNEN, US ARMYAdministration Building2:00 PM
SUSAN W PRATT, US NAVYAdministration Building2:00 PM