Science and Engineering Figures

Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, U.S. Navy was a mathematician and a pioneer in data processing and computer science. (Section 59, site 973)

Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant was a captain, U.S. Engineers, and a brevet major, U.S. Army, Revolutionary War. Under the direction of President George Washington, he planned the Federal City of Washington, D.C. (Section 2, #S-3)

George Westinghouse served in both the Union Army and Navy during the Civil War. He later became an inventor and established Westinghouse Electric Company. (Section 2, site 3418)

Major William Joseph Hammer, U.S. Army, was an American pioneer electrical engineer and aviator and he was president of the Edison Pioneers starting in 1908. He was a winner of the Elliott Cresson Medal. (Section 6, site 9644-NH)