Woodhull Memorial Flagstaff

Woodhull Memorial Flagstaff

The Woodhull flagpole rises 90 feet above the south lawn of the Memorial Amphitheater and is one of only two flagpoles located in Arlington National Cemetery. The other stands in front of Arlington House. Erected in 1924, the Woodhull flagpole is dedicated to the memory of Commander Maxwell Woodhull, who served in the United States Navy from 1813 to 1863.

The flags on the Woodhull flagpole and the Arlington House flagpole fly at half-staff, commencing one-half hour before the first burial service of the day. They remain at half-staff until one-half hour after the last service.

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Marble Base - Octagonal 4 feet 9 inches X 13 inches high
Brass Base and Sleeve - Octagonal at bottom 3 feet 11 inches X 4 feet 6 inches high
Flagstaff - 100 feet high tapered welded steel approximately 16 inches in diameter at the base
Foundation - 21 feet circular concrete
Halyard - half-inch braided nylon

The inscription of the marble base reads (clockwise):

In Memory of Maxwell Woodhull
Commander USN + 1832 - 1863 +
And of His Son
Maxwell Vanzandt Woodhull
Brevet Brigadier General USA
+ 1834 - 1921 +