Visiting Clergy Guide

No Military Honors — Burial



General Information

Funeral services without military honors are for spouses or dependents of military members who are eligible to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC). A military chaplain may be requested at no additional cost to the family, if no civilian religious leader will be present.

The service will begin at the curb near the burial site. Plan on arriving at the ANC Administration Building about 30 minutes before the service, which will allow you time to meet with the family and with the Cemetery Representative. There are no salutes rendered during this type of service. For additional information, ask the Cemetery Representative upon arrival.

To the Gravesite

  • Look for the Cemetery Representative, who can help you regarding protocol. Another helpful person is the OIC (officer in charge). Stand at the curb by the OIC. Military members will be at attention but will not salute. 

  • The casket team will remove the casket from the hearse, or the urn from the Cemetery Representative's car, and prepare to march to the gravesite. The Cemetery Representative can tell you the grave location and the route that the casket team will take.

  • Casket burials: Be prepared to lead the procession after the casket team makes a five-step formal turn with the casket.

  • Urn burials: Begin to lead the procession after the casket team has retrieved the remains.

  • Lead the processional to the gravesite.

At the Gravesite

  • Stand near the small green metal marker, allowing enough room for the casket team and the OIC to move past you. Turn to continue facing the remains if it is appropriate to do so.

  • The casket team will position the remains over the grave and march off to the front. The OIC will inspect the grave and then leave. This is your cue to begin the graveside religious service.

  • Please conduct your graveside service according to your religious tradition. Also, please be mindful of time; ANC has an average of 23 funeral services per day. We request that these services be kept under ten minutes in length.

  • The funeral ends at the conclusion of your graveside service. The Cemetery Representative will then announce that services have concluded.