Commemorative Monuments at Arlington National Cemetery

ANC Commemorative Monument

Arlington National Cemetery is both a national treasure and an active cemetery. These hallowed grounds are the final resting place for more than 400,000 active duty service members, veterans and their families. Arlington has been an active cemetery since 1864 and is running out of burial space.

The Army remains committed to maintaining Arlington as an active cemetery for as long as possible to continue to honor and serve our Nation’s military heroes. It has become necessary to limit the placement of commemorative monuments on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery because they reduce the amount of land necessary for the fulfillment of our primary mission.

By Army policy, commemorative monuments may only be placed on ANC grounds after a collaborative and time consuming proposal process. In accordance with public law, proposals will only be considered for three specific types of monuments:

  • Monuments that commemorate the service in the Armed Forces of an individual, or group of individuals whose memory is to be honored by the monument.
  • Monuments that commemorate a particular military event.
  • Monuments that commemorate service or an event that culminated 25 years prior to placement.

Proposal Submission Requirements

A written proposal is required and should include the following:

  1. A detailed justification of proposed monument.
  2. A proposal that identifies the nongovernmental group making the offer.
  3. The estimated value of the donation.
  4. The design concept of the monument.
  5. A certification of funds sufficient to cover all costs - including preservation and perpetual care.
  6. An independent study on the availability and suitability of an alternative location for placement outside of Arlington National Cemetery.

» Please be advised that this is a deliberate and lengthy process that could take up to one year - and in some cases longer - before a request package is either approved or disapproved.

Proposals should be addressed to:

Secretary of the General Staff, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA 22211.