ANC Parking Garage Payment Reinstatement


On Monday, February 7, 2022, Arlington National Cemetery reinstated payment for parking in the ANC Parking Garage, near the ANC Welcome Center on Memorial Avemue.

Payment for parking was temporarily suspended in March 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic on the parking garage vendor and subsequent temporary closure of the cemetery to the general public.

Arlington National Cemetery has been charging for parking since the garage was constructed in the 1980s.

Rates for the parking garage are $3 per hour, with a daily maximum of $12 a day for passenger vehicles. Commercial vehicles, such as tour buses and RVs, will have a rate of $10 an hour, with a daily maximum of $40.

Family pass holders who proceed directly into the cemetery using their family pass. without using the garage, will see no change. For more information about how to enter the cemetery with a family pass or how to obtain a family pass, click here.

Over the past 18 months, the cemetery renovated the parking garage area to better serve visitors. Renovations include new lighting, sidewalks, crosswalks and two solar shelters with wireless phone chargers for the convenience of ANC visitors. Additionally, ANC added more CCTV cameras to enhance visitor safety. 


Update: April 1, 2022 

Starting April 4, 2022, buses and RVs will be charged for the first hour upon entry into the Arlington National Cemetery parking garage. Passenger vehicles will continue to receive a thirty minute grace period. Both buses and commercial vehicles will have thirty minutes to exit the parking garage after payment is made.

Instructions for Visitors

•  When entering the parking garage, visitors will be prompted to take a ticket upon entering the parking garage. Please note: Vehicles must be in close proximity to the ticket machine for the sensor to recognize the vehicle and produce a ticket. Visitors will need to keep the ticket in their possession for the duration of their visit. Payment is required before exiting the garage, and visitors will be required to scan their tickets at the exit lanes.

•  Upon exiting the cemetery, visitors may pay by credit card only at the exit lanes. There are two payment stations that accept cash and credit cards: one inside the welcome center near the bookstore, and another inside the mid-level of the parking garage just beyond the stairs. Once payment is made, visitors have 30 minutes to exit the garage.

•  A lost ticket fee is $12 for passenger vehicles and $40 for commercial vehicles per the vendor.

•  Visitors may also choose to pre-pay for the parking garage at; search for Arlington National Cemetery at 1 Memorial Ave. If visitors choose this option, they may scan the generated barcode (via mobile phone or printed) at the entrance and exit of the parking garage. If you prepay for parking, do not take a ticket upon entry. Please note: This feature does not guarantee a spot in the parking garage, but provides the convenience of bypassing the payment process onsite. If payment is completed online but there are no spaces available when you arrive, a refund can be filed online with Arlington National Cemetery is not responsible for refunds.