ANC Public Mapping Service Methods

Note: The Public Mapping Service Methods are unavailable until further notice due to extensive system maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

These methods are utilized by the ANC Public applications for populating dynamic map data. They are dynamic REST endpoints supplied by ESRI Map Services. These can be accessed through the url

Available Layers and General Info

This service allows for the querying of the specific layers tied to the service. Other general information is also returned such as the spatial reference and supported formats for exporting maps.

Layer Data

Layers are accessed via their id. Their id's can be obtained in the JSON object obtained from the service request above. Layer data contains all of the fields and geometry information for the specific layer. This request can be used to know which fields to search on or query against.


Example URL

This request will return the data in a json format for layer 0 on the ANC_External Map Service.


Query Data

Spatial data can be queried by each layer. Using the layer id, the query method is accessible and capable of responding with detailed data in the spatial feature class.


Example URL