Tips for Participating in “Wreaths Out” at Arlington National Cemetery


Thank you for your interest in volunteering during the “Wreaths Out” ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.  Here are a few tips to help you while you are on the grounds at our Nation’s Most Hallowed Shrine.

  • Be mindful these are hallowed grounds. Please be respectful of all graves, turf, monuments, and headstones as well as other volunteers.
  • Help us and pick up trash or debris and place in appropriate containers.
  • Give vehicles and heavy equipment the right of way and let them pass in roadways. Respectfully, follow instructions from government employees to have a safe experience while placing wreaths in the dumpsters
  • Remove only WAA wreaths. Leave all other wreaths or decorations in place.
  • Place wreaths in dumpsters positioned throughout the cemetery and pack them tightly.
  • When dumpsters are filled, do not pile wreaths next to them. Carry wreaths to unfilled dumpsters.
  • Refrain from jumping or climbing on wreaths in dumpsters to compress them.
  • Please dress for the weather and bring water to stay hydrated during the event.
  • To protect your hands, recommend bringing gloves and other equipment (pole/rope) to safely carry wreaths to dumpsters.
  • Take note of where the bathrooms are located within the cemetery. Download a map of the bathrooms here and save it to your mobile phone for easy access.


Wreaths Out