Advisory Committee on Arlington National Cemetery - Vacancies



A view of the fountain inside at the Arlington National Cemetery Columbarium

Arlington National Cemetery is seeking new members, from a wide range of highly qualified persons, to be considered for appointment to the Advisory Committee on Arlington National Cemetery. The Committee is chartered to provide the Secretary of Defense, through the Secretary of the Army, independent advice and recommendations, including, but not limited to cemetery administration, the erection of memorials at the cemetery, and master planning for the cemetery. The Committee is comprised of members with preeminence in a field(s) of interest or expertise and commitment to our Nation's veterans and their families. Further information is available in the Federal Register Notice below.

Interested persons may submit a resume and cover letter for consideration by the Department of the Army to the Committee’s Designated Federal Officer at the following address: Advisory Committee on Arlington National Cemetery, ATTN: Designated Federal Officer (DFO) (Ms. Yates), Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA 22211.

Nominations close on November 1, 2017.

You may view the official posting by clicking the attached Federal Register Notice.ACANC Board Vacancies

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