Face Covering Policy

All personnel entering the cemetery will be required to provide proof of having face coverings in their possession during entry screening. Personnel not able to provide proof of having face coverings or masks in their possession will not be allowed to enter the cemetery. Visitors will wear their face coverings at all times while in the cemetery.

Published on Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Published on Monday, August 3, 2020

National dialogue begins at Arlington National Cemetery


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Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) is at another crossroads in its history. In about twenty-five years, ANC will run out of space as an active cemetery to honor our Nation's veterans. In order to significantly extend ANC's capacity, changes to either eligibility criteria and/or expansion of the cemetery's geographic footprint are required. Through Public Law 114-58, Congress directed the Secretary of the Army to provide this report to identify the current status and inform ways to extend the life expectancy of the cemetery well into the future. The Secretary of the Army's Report to Congress identified the current status of ANC, and options of future life, which broadly consist of:

  • Restricting eligibility;

  • Expanding the geographical footprint of the cemetery;

  • Hybrid solution with combination of different options.

The report identifies sample courses of action, and numerous options that ANC will discuss with a diverse group of stakeholders. ANC will engage in a national dialogue with stakeholders to frame the challenge, possible solutions, and to help recommend and make the best decisions for the future of this national shrine.

Some of these stakeholders include: service members; veterans and family members; Veterans Service Organizations; the U.S. Congress; the Department of Veterans Affairs; the Department of Defense; and the U.S. public.

By opening this dialogue through the publishing of this report and plans for outreach, ANC and the Army will:

  • provide stakeholders with a means to share their opinions, ideas, and concerns;

  • provide this input to help leaders make a well-informed decision.

The Army has not yet taken a position regarding the recommendations in the report. We look forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure the best decisions are made for the future of our Nation's most hallowed shrine, the Military Services, and our Veterans.

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