Freedman's Village Online Discussion, Feb. 28


On Wednesday, Feb. 28, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST, a panel of historians and archivists will discuss Freedman’s Village, a community of formerly enslaved African Americans established in 1863 on the Arlington estate previously owned by the family of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The Freedman’s Village on the Arlington property evolved into a unique and thriving community with schools, hospitals, churches, and social services. While intended to be temporary, the community remained on the land from 1863 until 1900, and it had a lasting legacy.

Participating on the panel will be Amber Forrester and Damani Davis from the National Archives; Allison Finkelstein from Arlington National Cemetery; and Steve Hammond, a seventh-generation member of the Syphax family of Washington, DC. 

•  Click here to register.  Registration is free, and the panel will be on YouTube.

•  To learn more about Freedman's Village, explore our Education Program module on African American History at Arlington National Cemetery. Materials include a lesson plan about Freedman's Village.