Confederate Memorial Removal Update and Advisory



The remaining bronze elements of the Confederate Memorial have been removed from Arlington National Cemetery and are stored in a secure DoD facility in Virginia. The granite base will remain off limits to visitors until it is determined safe.


In accordance with the recent court ruling, the Army has resumed the deliberate process of removing the Confederate Memorial from Arlington National Cemetery immediately. While the work is performed, surrounding graves, headstones and the landscape will be carefully protected by a dedicated team, preserving the sanctity of all those laid to rest in Section 16.


The Army began disassembly of the monument atop the Confederate Memorial prior to the court issuing the temporary restraining order. The Army is complying with the restraining order and has ceased the work begun this morning.


Army National Military Cemeteries (ANMC) is complying with a Congressionally mandated requirement to remove the Confederate Memorial by Jan. 1, 2024. ANMC has complied with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) prior to removal. ANMC completed these processes and is now in the process of removing the Confederate Memorial from ANC. Safety fencing has been installed around the Confederate Memorial and we anticipate complete removal no later than Dec. 22, 2023.

While the work occurs, the surrounding landscape, graves, and headstones will be protected. During the deconstruction, the area around the Memorial will be protected to ensure no impact to the surrounding landscape and grave markers and to ensure the safety of visitors in and around the vicinity of the deconstruction. If you are visiting the cemetery this week, we ask that you abide by all safety signage and exercise caution in and around the construction site.

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