Road and Site Closure Update


Several roads in the cemetery are closed for necessary construction:

•  The construction project on McPherson Drive, Lawton Drive, McKinley Drive, Jackson Circle, Chapel Gate Road, Capron Drive, Hobson Drive and Miles Drive — affecting Sections 3, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 23 and 44 — will continue through fall 2023 as currently projected. ANC is working hard to complete this project as soon as possible and to avoid prolonged inconveniences to visitors and family pass holders. To enable visitation during construction, parking areas and section access points have been created for motorists and pedestrians, respectively. See below for a map of the affected area. 

•  Lee Drive will be closed from October 17, 2022 through December 30, 2022. Click here for a map of the affected area. 

Safety is our main priority for our family pass holders and guests. If you are a family pass holder with a loved one buried in the marked sections of the map, please call ANC’s operations department at 703-614-1111 to schedule an escort to your loved one’s gravesite.