Sustainable Practices

Drought Tolerant

There are many factors to consider when selecting plant material.

The Arboretum Staff considers:

Drought Tolerant Image at ANC
  • Disease and Pest resistance. 

  • Plant hardiness. 

  • Wildlife value. 

One crucial factor, not to be left out, is to consider the amount of water a plant will not only need to survive, but to perennially thrive.

Our grounds have very little irrigation, so all plants (with the exception of our annual flowering plants) have to be able to survive on their own.

The Vinca minor that once filled the many Columbarium Court rows demanded four long months' of watering, during our hot summers.

We eliminated the Vinca and replaced it with ice plant (Delosperma), Sedum and Liriope

We continue to experiment with various ground covers because none are fool-proof.