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New trash receptacles installed throughout the cemetery


Arlington National Cemetery has recently replaced its old, concrete trash and flower vase receptacles. They have been replaced with elegant, high-quality receptacles more befitting the character of our Nation's most sacred shrine. These receptacles are provided to support the millions of tourists who visit each year, as well as families to use when bringing flowers and other items to loved ones' gravesites.

The cemetery staff have installed recycling containers with rain bonnets throughout the cemetery to encourage visitors to recycle paper, plastic, and metal. This will reduce trash and complies with environmental laws and regulations.

Bins holding free flower vases for use at gravesites are now co-located with both a water spigot and a trash receptacle.The newly installed containers display instructions for placing flowers at gravesites.

Visitors are asked to not use these new receptacles to extinguish cigarettes. Designated smoking areas are located outside the Welcome Center where visitors can dispose of cigarettes properly.