Air Force Funeral Services: Preface

Air Force service

The most important question to ask is 'what type of service am I attending or conducting at Arlington National Cemetery?' The funeral home or the Arlington National Cemetery interment office 877-907-8585 can answer this question. Once you know this, the web site contains detailed information regarding each type of service.

The Air Force chaplains assigned to Arlington are highly trained in all areas of protocol and will answer any question you may have; but most of all you have our deepest condolences in the passing of your loved one. We are here to serve you. Regardless of the type of service, we will render to your loved one the respect due.

Working alongside the Air Force chaplain is the U.S. Air Force Band (Ceremonial Brass) and the Honor Guard. These two organizations bring the utmost in professionalism to all our services where military honors are rendered.

Alongside the chaplain is an Air Force Arlington Lady who volunteers her time at the cemetery. This special person represents the Air Force Chief of Staff by offering condolences on his behalf at all services where honors are rendered. She also offers a personal note card expressing further condolences to the next of kin.

Upon your arrival at Arlington, a cemetery representative will greet you. This person will walk you through the service as it unfolds. He or she will also spend a few moments with you before the service, to make sure that all the information regarding your loved one is correct, and will answer any question you may have. The representative will be by your side every step of the way.