Prominent Figures in Hispanic History

Capt. Maximiliano Luna - The only Mexican American Officer in the First Volunteer Cavalry Regiment (the Rough Riders) and a one-time student at Georgetown University. His name is the first listed on the Rough Riders Monument.

Pvt. Felix Longoria - Was refused burial in Texas and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery after the intervention of the American GI Forum and the assistance of then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Col. Louis Gonzaga Mendez, Jr - Jumped into Normandy in June of 1944 and received a Distinguished Service Cross for leading an attack that captured the town of Pretot, France.

Maj. Humbert Roque Versace, Jr - A West Point Graduate and a Medal of Honor Recipient for heroism in captivity during the Vietnam War.

Rear Adm. Henry Gabriel Sanchez - A USNA graduate who commanded a F4F Squadron onboard the USS HORNET during World War II.

The Borinqueneers - A plaque honors members of the 65th Regiment, which fought bravely in the Korean War and was comprised almost exclusively of soldiers from Puerto Rico. The Plaque reads “Dedicated to the men of the 65th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army for their Valor and Patriotism during the Korean War 1950-1953”.

Capt. Carlos De La Mesa - A native of Spain who was wounded at Gettsysburg, while serving with in the Spanish Company of the “Garibaldi Guard” of the 39th New York State Volunteers. He was the grandfather of Maj. Gen. Terry De La Mesa Allen, and the great grandfather of Lt. Col. Terry De La Mesa Allen, Jr., who is also buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Brig. Gen. Bernardo Carlos Negrete - Completed high visibility combat tours in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, Operation just Cause in Panama, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and Operation Desert Thunder in Kuwait.

Capt. Maria Ines Ortiz - Was killed by a mortar attack in the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq. She was the first Army nurse killed in combat since the Vietnam War.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Elwood Richard “Pete” Quesada - Born in Washington, D.C. to a Hispanic father, he served as the first administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from 1959 to 1961. As a junior officer, he was part of the team that developed and demonstrated air-to-air refueling.