Fall Highlight: Early Fall Colors


Here at Arlington National Cemetery, we are starting to get a glimpse of the early fall colors.

Meandering through Columbarium Courts 10 and 11 is the massed Amsonia (above) and the well-known locust tree. Both offer warm and inviting shades of yellow.

The golden-yellow Amsonia, with its feathery, fine foliage, greets visitors and family members as they first step into the shelter.  The huge drifts of this tough, large perennial nicely contrast with the dark green foliage of its neighboring black-eyed Susan.  It will maintain its golden colors long into the fall.

As you step into the court, the straight tree trunks of the highly adaptable locust trees also make a statement. The gentle curve of the landscape beds, with the locust trees taking center stage, lead your eye through the courts. But it’s just now, in October, when you can truly appreciate the subtle yellows of the locust trees' compound leaves.

We hope you get to enjoy the warm and golden landscape of the Memorial Arboretum. 

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