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Author: News Created: 4/3/2014

Advisory Committee on Arlington National Cemetery - Vacancies

By Arlington National Cemetery on 9/18/2017


Arlington National Cemetery is seeking new members, from a wide range of highly qualified persons, to be considered for appointment to the Advisory Committee on Arlington National Cemetery.

Advisory Committee

Turf renovations underway at Arlington National Cemetery

By Arlington National Cemetery on 7/31/2017

For the next several weeks, you will notice signs and work indicating Arlington National Cemetery is in the process of renovating the turf.  Please limit walking in these areas as much as possible, but do not hesitate to visit or place flowers at a gravesite.


National dialogue begins at Arlington National Cemetery

By Arlington National Cemetery on 7/29/2017

Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) is at another crossroads in its history. In about twenty-five years, ANC will run out of space as an active cemetery to honor our Nation's veterans. In order to significantly extend ANC's capacity, changes to either eligibility criteria and/or expansion of the cemetery's geographic footprint are required. Through Public Law 114-58, Congress directed the Secretary of the Army to provide this report to identify the current status and inform ways to extend the life expectancy of the cemetery well into the future. The Secretary of the Army's Report to Congress identified the current status of ANC, and options of future life.

Arlington National Cemetery
Burial Capacity
Report to Congress

New trash receptacles installed throughout the cemetery

By Arlington National Cemetery on 7/29/2017
Arlington National Cemetery has recently replaced its old, concrete trash and flower vase receptacles. They have been replaced with elegant, high-quality receptacles more befitting the character of our Nation's most sacred shrine. These receptacles are provided to support the millions of tourists who visit each year, as well as families to use when bringing flowers and other items to loved ones' gravesites.

Beat the heat: Summer is on the way

By Arlington National Cemetery on 7/29/2017

Summer months in the D.C. metropolitan area mean outdoor activities and HEAT! While the excessive heat can be uncomfortable, it can also be unsafe. The good news is that most heat-related illness can be prevented. Those poplations most susceptible to heat-related illnesses are infants and toddlers, the elderly, people working in a hot environment, and individuals with chronic illnesses. However, even young and healthy individuals can succumb to heat if they participate in strenuous physical activities during hot weather without taking proper precautions.