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Enhanced security measures coming to Arlington National Cemetery

September 12, 2016
 “Arlington is taking advanced security precautions to protect visitors, family members and staff. These security measures will be similar to the ones at museums in the National Capitol Region,” said Patrick K. Hallinan, Arlington National Cemetery executive director.

Arlington National Cemetery developing options to extend the life of the cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery developing options to extend the life of the cemetery

August 30, 2016


The Honor Subcommittee, part of the Advisory Committee for Arlington National Cemetery met on Aug. 23 to discuss alternatives to extend the life of active burials at Arlington well into the future.

In response to Public Law 114-158, ANC is currently developing a report to Congress which outlines options that the Secretary of the Army may consider to keep the cemetery open for first rments and inurnments until well into the future.  The options being considered include: continuing with the existing eligibility, expansion options, and changing eligibility.  

If the cemetery continues with its current interment and inurnment rate, it will run out of space for first interments and inurnments within the next 25 years. 

The report is due to Congress mid-November.

Established within the charter of the Advisory Committee on Arlington National Cemetery, the Honor Subcommittee provides an independent assessment of methods to address the long-term future of the Army national cemeteries, including how best to extend the active burials and what ANC should focus on once all available space is used. 

The Honor Subcommittee also addresses the current eligibility requirements for interment and inurnment at ANC to ensure that recommendations serve and protect the interests of all service members and veterans, surviving family members, and the American public. Difficult choices need to be made regarding how ANC can continue to serve our Nation's veterans and their families well into the future. Now is the time to consider these options.



ANC Visitors: Be Prepared - It's going to be hot!

ANC Visitors: Be Prepared - It's going to be hot!

July 04, 2016

The weather is expected to stay hot and humid! If you are planning on visiting the cemetery, please drink plenty of water and bring a clear, plastic refillable water bottle with you. Also wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

Enhanced Security Measures

Enhanced Security Measures

June 07, 2016

Arlington National Cemetery has begun enhanced security measures for those who work at or visit the cemetery. Visitors, employees and contractors will be subject to random inspections and may be required to present a valid government identification when entering cemetery. Visitors may see armed personnel inside buildings and on the grounds of the cemetery.

"Arlington is taking additional security precautions to protect visitors, family members and staff. We are asking people to report suspicious activity - if you see something, say something," said Patrick K. Hallinan, Arlington National Cemetery Executive Director.

Please call Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Department of Emergency Services at 703-588-2800 to report suspicious activity. Call 9-1-1 for emergency situations.

Arlington National Cemetery
Turf Renovations Underway

Turf Renovations Underway

June 06, 2016

Arlington National Cemetery annually renovates more than 30 acres of turf. This process involves removing the old turf and weeds, tilling the soil, grading the grave sites, and planting new grass from seed. Each year the Horticulture Division assigns sections for renovation as needed. The long term result will be a much healthier, thicker turf and ground that is much more level.

Renovations this year will take place in parts of sections 7, 17, and 18, as well as all of sections 19, 22, 23, 24, and 46. For the next several weeks, you will notice signs and work being performed in these sections.

Please limit walking in these areas as much as possible, but feel free to continue to visit and leave flowers at grave sites in these sections.