Arlington goes “green” with eco-friendly vehicles
5/21/2012 12:00:00 AM
Arlington National Cemetery is replacing many of its gas-powered vehicles with smaller “right sized” vehicles, hybrids and electric-only vehicles. The goal is to promote environmental responsibility, improve the cemetery’s day-to-day operations, and save money.

With a total of about sixty vehicles at Arlington, ten of them are now electric, including two electric full-size trucks. Additionally, the cemetery has eight hybrid sedans and one full-size hybrid truck. Half of the fleet is now an eco-friendly variant. Other vehicles will be downsized where possible.
“The electric vehicles are very efficient. A single overnight [8 hour] charge, using a simple 115-volt outlet, will allow the vehicle to operate for several days, or, depending on use, up to a week,” said Warren Speight, ANC’s fleet manager.

When comparing the costs with gas-powered vehicles, Speight estimates that the cemetery has already saved around $15,000, including a reduction in fuel consumption, by switching to the new variants.

In addition to the environmental and cost-saving benefits, the vehicles improve daily operations. For one, the vehicles are much smaller than their gas-powered predecessors, allowing them to more safely and effectively move throughout the cemetery with high volumes of pedestrian traffic. Additionally, the vehicles are virtually noiseless, allowing them to remain operational and still be respectful to nearby gravesite services.