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ANC Policy regarding Pokemon Go & other smartphone gaming

ANC Policy regarding Pokemon Go & other smartphone gaming

July 12, 2016
Out of respect for all those interred at Arlington National Cemetery, we require the highest level of decorum from our guests and visitors. Playing games such as “Pokemon Go” on these hallowed grounds would not be deemed appropriate. We request that visitors to ANC refrain from such activity.
Thank you.

Arlington National Cemetery announces its 2016 schedule of special narrated tours

June 08, 2016

Arlington National Cemetery’s History Office developed a series of informative lectures and tours that highlight the history of the United States through the eyes of its heroes buried at Arlington and the military conflicts that shaped the cemetery and the nation. The tours are narrated by Arlington National Cemetery historians and free of charge. Registration is required through Eventbrite. All tours start at Welcome Center at Arlington National Cemetery and require some walking. Women in Military Service Date: March 18, 2016 Time: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Start Location: Arlington National Cemetery Welcome Center

Enhanced Security Measures

Enhanced Security Measures

June 07, 2016

Arlington National Cemetery has begun enhanced security measures for those who work at or visit the cemetery. Visitors, employees and contractors will be subject to random inspections and may be required to present a valid government identification when entering cemetery. Visitors may see armed personnel inside buildings and on the grounds of the cemetery.

"Arlington is taking additional security precautions to protect visitors, family members and staff. We are asking people to report suspicious activity - if you see something, say something," said Patrick K. Hallinan, Arlington National Cemetery Executive Director.

Please call Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Department of Emergency Services at 703-588-2800 to report suspicious activity. Call 9-1-1 for emergency situations.

Arlington National Cemetery
ANC Visitors: Be Prepared - It's going to be hot

ANC Visitors: Be Prepared - It's going to be hot

June 03, 2016

As we work our way into summer, the weather is expected to stay hot and humid. If you are planning on visiting the cemetery, please drink plenty of water and bring a clear, plastic refillable water bottle with you. Also wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing.

Interpretative Tour Bus Service will resume after 2:30 p.m. on Memorial Day

May 27, 2016

Due to the National Memorial Day Observance Program, on Monday, May 30th, the interpretative tour bus service within the grounds of the Arlington National Cemetery will not operate until 2:30 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience.